#500WED - Day 2

Writing Prompt

Cecily Kellogg:

So, today we wrote a letter firing our inner critics. I loved reading the ones some of you shared here – so great!
But now we're veering in the opposite direction. I want you to write a love letter. Yes. A sappy, happy, loving letter to something or someone you love. I don't care if it's for your partner, your dog, or even cigarettes. I want you to write it as if you are a soldier at war and you are worried that these words of love will be the last the person or thing you love will ever see from you. Put your heart into it.
Remember, this is tomorrow's prompt. Let it cook in your brain overnight. :)

500 Words

I would like you to read this letter very carefully. I want to impress these words upon your very soul, so that you are in no doubt that you have been and continue to be loved, not in a casual or temporary way, but deeply and wildly and permanently.

On the first day we met, I knew that I wanted to be with you. I know that you felt the connection too. I remember that it felt like being alive for the first time. You laughed at all my bad jokes, and I kept telling you more and more of them just to hear it. We danced and sang, foolishly giddy because we had finally found each other.

We walked all night in the rain, because we had nowhere else to go, and we talked about nothing, feeling as though we were solving the world's problems right then and there. I can still remember that feeling of faint amazement that the universe had waited so long for us to meet before so suddenly giving up its secrets.

In the weeks that followed our meeting, I was in a daze. I'm not sure why I wasn't fired from my job - my attention was not there at all. We had big clunky mobile phones, and SMSed like crazy at 10p per message - causing my first £500 phone bill. We ate out every night, slept in every morning, spending all our time together while the rest of the world, for all we cared, could be left forgotten, to contemplate its own irrelevance.

It was undoubtedly to be expected that emotions would fade, and that the intensity of feeling would reduce, and unfortunately the world has inevitably managed to intrude back into our lives. So much water has now passed under the bridge, and of course there have been learning experiences along the way. These have not always been comfortable.

I have learned to appreciate your fierce and prickly independence, and to give you the space that you need to be yourself. You in turn have learned to live with my silly sense of humour, even after it stopped being cute, and it means the world to me each time you manage to laugh at some ridiculous thing that would have annoyed you before we met.

However, of late, circumstances have become harsh, and I am facing this dismal reality of living away from you for a time. I am amazed to discover that the seeming eternity since we were last together has been but a few days. I know that it has been my choices that have caused this pain, and goodness knows that I am sorry for it. Had I known how it would feel, I would have made them differently - but that is behind me now. There is a hard road ahead, and I must walk it for now without you.

So I will tell you this, even though you already know it. You have my heart - please keep it safe.


Compared with yesterday's challenge, I found this one really hard. In fact I could only bring myself to do it by departing from actual reality and at least partly making something up. I decided that it was better to write something that was fictional than to just allow myself to become stalled, because that would quite likely have ended my participation there and then.

At least I think I captured the required sappiness.