Naa na-na na na... Space Pirates!

When you live with a three year old in the UK, you tend to find yourself seeing a lot of CBeebies - the BBC's television channel for young children. This has a wide variety of programming which I find varies considerably in its appeal to the adults who are absorbing it along with their toddlers. Before going further, I'd observe that the best thing about CBeebies is that there is no advertising - I am deeply suspicious of the effect of advertising on small children, and we are really lucky in the UK to have advert free TV for kids.

Anyway, relatively recently a new show has appeared on CBeebies, going by the swashbuckling name of "Space Pirates". Both three year old George and forty year old Ian think that this show, and its theme tune, is absolutely great :)

In Space Pirates, Captain DJ and the crew of his radio station-cum-pirate ship search through space for three songs around a theme, which is different each week. The third song is a live performance where the artist is beamed aboard, the second is an in-house performance by a band composed of three ships rats called The Jingles, and the first is "downloaded" through the mast of the pirate ship. This is depicted as a stream of notes coming from somewhere on Earth and being sucked into the top of the mast of the ship. The song is then played.

Does anyone else think that this is a bit subversive? I mean, pirates downloading music?