Ten cool N95 things

Ten really cool things I can do with my Nokia N95, without undue effort [1]:
  1. Connect to WiFi hotspots, at home and other places;
  2. Connect to high speed 3g phone networks;
  3. Take the best cellphone photographs that I've ever seen;
  4. Produce and, in a primitive fashion, edit video;
  5. Post photos and videos to Flickr and Vox and even to here if I want;
  6. Synchronise calendar and address book with Lotus Notes v7 - this is a huge one for me, as it's where my real diary lives, and I have no power to change that fact;
  7. Synchronise with Mac Address Book and iCal - so my Mac ends up knowing about all my appointments and contacts - finally, yay;
  8. Show me where I am on a map, and where other interesting things may be found nearby;
  9. Make (currently) free voip calls to landlines in 40 countries while in range of a wifi hotspot;
  10. Connect to IBM's internal network, using Lotus Mobile Connect (cheating a little, here, because I haven't actually done it yet)
Oh, this phone rocks.

[1] effort included reflashing the phone to enable the VOIP, subscribing to and installing Truphone.

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