Automatic links postings from Delicious. Annoying?

Judging from the massive take-up of the feature, I sometimes think that I must be the only person in the world who thinks that automated blog postings full of people's bookmarks on are really annoying.  A lot of people who do this are excellent writers, producing content I love to read.  It's always a  disappointment when a new post turns out to be an automated bookmarks post.

Of course, people have every right to put whatever they like in their blogs.  If you know that I read your blog, and you use this feature of, please don't consider this post as a demand for you to stop - just think of it as just a little bit of (minority?) audience feedback.  I'm still subscribed to you, despite your automated link postings.  However, if you find that you secretly agree with me, why not just provide a link in your sidebar to allow me to subscribe to your bookmarks, and discontinue the evil robot postings!

Then again, there's always the possibility that this is all my own fault for using a news feed reader (NetNewsWire) that doesn't appear to have a feature for automatically discarding or marking posts as read according to a rule.

What do you think?