Rethinking the Presentation

Just over a year ago, I wrote a post here entitled "I Hate Presentations" in which I railed against some of the terrible things that audiences of PowerPoint presentations (specifically, me) have had to endure over the years. The endless dreary reading out of bullet points, the tiny fonts, awful clip-art, etc. etc.  I wrote the post in the context of a struggle to perfect a presentation about Virtual Worlds that I had to deliver it at an internal IBM UK conference for IT Architects the following week.  The presentation was a success - it went down very well, and it showed me that you can get away with tearing up the PowerPoint rule book - you don't need bullet points and corporate templates to delight an audience.

Last month, a full year after these events took place, I gave a talk called "Rethinking the Presentation" at the 2008 incarnation of the same conference.  The purpose of this was to try and overturn some of the bad old assumptions about how to make slides.  What I have learned is that there's a real desire in the world to do better at this, as well as a lot of room for the hoped for improvement.

This is a slidecast of my presentation - I hope you find it worthwhile.  I'm very interested to hear people's comments and feedback - feel free to leave them here, or at

Edit: iPhone version added.

I suggest you watch in the fullscreen mode :)