Rethinking the Presentation - Updated

I've given Rethinking the Presentation a hefty tweak.  I have excised the end part, which was a discussion of what helpful stuff is around on the Internet and in books.  It suddenly hit me that this information was a prime candidate for a document, rather than a wordy five minutes on the end of the video.  Instead, I now have a slide with written on it in a large font.  This link, intended to be easy to write down, redirects to a web page with all that information on it.

I'm also considering making a new, quite short, presentation with it in.  It just didn't seem to fit where it was.

One thing feels a bit weird, though.  The video has had about a hundred hits, and I know that some of those were people sending the link to each other, or otherwise recommending it.  Now I have changed the thing that they recommended.  There's got to be at least a possibility that they would have a different opinion of it in its new form.

Do I have a moral obligation not to change things, once they are "out there"?