2009 - How Did I Do?

2009 ResolutionsSome might remember that at the beginning of this year, I posted my resolutions for 2009.  This would seem to be an appropriate point to run through them, and say how I did.

So, clockwise from the top:

  1. Sleep 11 to 7 (Mostly)
    Well, I’ve had at best patchy success at this.  During the last quarter of the year, my sleep has been awful, involving several instances of being up working at 4am and one all nighter. It was better earlier in the year, but I can’t honestly chalk this one up as a success.  I will carry this one forward into 2010.

  2. Cycle to work
    This has been much more successful.  Mostly, this year, where it has been possible I have cycled to work. I’ve bought some waterproof trousers and a jacket which have kept me cycling during this winter, and my Brompton remains a credit to cycle-kind.  I’ll keep doing this in 2010, but I don’t think I need to carry it forward as a resolution, as I have cracked it!

  3. Be Creative
    Mostly due to the Ilkley Flickr Group Meetup, I have made some good photographs this year. The On The Spot Challenge [PDF] that we did this month was particularly good fun with some good results. On those other fronts, I have more musical instruments than I started the year with, although I can’t say I’ve made any significant music, I have a new book about drawing, and I have signed into Second Life at least three times this year.  Oh, and I tried to do NaNoWriMo, but failed due to bad timing - I tried to do it at the same time as November.

  4. More Time At Home
    I probably spent a very tiny bit less time at home this year, as compared to 2008.  I don’t think I have much actual power over this, so it was probably not a sensible thing to resolve about. Perhaps I should resolve to leave Stevenage for the bigger IBM world, but I’m not going to do that at this stage, although it could well happen.

  5. Eat Better
    Hm, perhaps I shouldn’t be reflecting on this just after Christmas.  I’ve eaten a very great deal of crap this year, much as usual in fact.  My weight this year has gone down (running and Weightwatchers) and back up again (run up to Christmas).  This one will be carried forward to 2010.

  6. Great North Run
    Well, I did it in two and three quarter hours, which wasn’t too embarrassing.  Oh, and I raised over £1000.  So not quite as much as I’d resolved to do, but I’m still proud of myself and count this one as a success.

I shall soon be posting my resolutions for 2010.