Loving Pzizz

I’m not sure I’ve ever done anything like a product review on here before, but I’m really excited about Pzizz at the moment.  It’s a software package that generates customisable random soundtracks that combine NLP techniques and binaural beats with music and sound effects to help you sleep.  I’ve never had any trouble getting to sleep at night, but what I *do* suffer from is periods of low energy during the day, particularly in the afternoon, and that’s where Pzizz comes in.  Pzizz lets me take 20 minute “power naps” that give me a significant boost, out of all proportion to the amount of time that they take.

This may sound a bit fanciful, so here’s an example.  Three weeks ago, I had to get some stuff finished, and pulled my first all-nighter for some years.  I was on the go from 5am on a Tuesday morning until 5am the following Wednesday .  By about 10pm on Tuesday, I was seriously flagging and went to bed for a 20 minute Pzizz nap.  After that, I got up and was able to keep going for the remaining 6.5 hours.  That’s not to say that I wasn’t in a sleep deprived haze for the following two days, but it helped me to get the job done.

You can use Pzizz to instantly produce a nap soundtrack on the spot, but I normally use the batch export capability which creates a bunch of mp3s and automatically adds them to iTunes for export onto my iPhone.  I’ve managed to nap in all sorts of unlikely places, using this, including on planes and trains.  When I’ve listened to them all, I just delete them and create some more.  It would be a bit more convenient if it added them to iTunes as a podcast, which would give them a flag to tell me whether I’d listened to them or not, and allow iTunes to automatically manage them for me.  However, the real solution here is a Pzizz iPhone app, and I’m happy to note that there’s some evidence that they are at least thinking about doing one.  If you want to have a try of Pzizz, there’s a sample mp3 on their download page.

Another thing I like about Pzizz is the people who make it.  I like that they license me to use it on up to 3 computers, which can be any combination of Mac and Windows.  I like their lifetime free upgrade policy, which is the same now as it was in January 2006 when I first bought it.  Most of all, I like the fact that real human beings answer the e-mails that I send to them, and in a friendly personable way, rather than with corporate PR speak.

I have been recommending Pzizz to people for around three years now, and I’m sure that I’ll keep doing so.  Great product, great company.

(You can wake up now!)