Thoughts on Watch Faces

I'll probably write something more about the Apple Watch over the next few weeks.  However, there's one thing that I've found that I particularly love about it.

That thing is the Utility watch face.

As with many of the faces that come with the Watch, it's possible to configure it in many different ways, and with a lot of elements.  For example, I can add numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock, or have them all the way round.  I could add numbers around the outside for the seconds too.

Instead, I have Utility saved in the three configurations that are depicted here.

The fullest configuration is for weekdays. At the top right, it tells me how I'm doing at staying active.  At the top left, the temperature outside.  Along the bottom, it tells me when and what my next meeting is.  My meetings for the day had all finished when I took this screenshot, and the watch is telling me so in big capitals.

At weekends, when I (hopefully!) have no meetings, I use a second configuration.  This doesn't have the calendar, but it still tells me about my activity level, and the outside temperature.

The final configuration is for evenings.  There's nothing to distract me at all in this one–it just tells me the time and date. I'm done with activities and going outside, and so I just don't want to know.

Although there's a huge amount of information that I can potentially have on my watch face, I find a minimalist approach to be a better experience. It turns out that, for me, a lot of extra information can be distracting. When I glance at my watch, I usually just want to know the time. I don't want to know when the sun is setting, or what the time is in New York, and I certainly don't want to think about meetings when it's the weekend. The watch has all that information, but I don't want to see it unless I specifically ask for it.

As an aside, the date and the second hand are picked out in a configurable highlight colour. I've left it as the default orange, which I feel is pretty much perfect.

That's that. I'm also planning to write about notifications, and the workout app. That'll be after Thinking Digital 2015 though. See you then.