Endorsing @imran on LinkedIn (for Time Travel)

 I endorse thee...

I endorse thee...

Today I have endorsed my friend Imran Ali on LinkedIn.  Of course, he has many skills, but after some thought, I decided to endorse him for Time Travel because of the fact that I talked to him about it at some length yesterday.

Of course, I don't have any experience of Time Travel myself, but my endorsement must be valuable, because I've read a lot of sci-fi, and some of it definitely mentioned time travel.  Anyway, I'm sure that he wouldn't have sounded so authoritative on the subject if he didn't know anything, would he?

My endorsement will help him out by enabling the world to recognise him for the time travelling skills that he so clearly must have because, after all, we did talk about it.  Well, more mentioned it really, but that's almost the same thing.

Anyway, if any of you reading this have any cool opportunities for Imran relating to time travel, I hope that my endorsement will have brought him to your attention, thus proving conclusively that the whole thing works.