Finepix X100 - Two Years On

A little under two years ago, I sold my Canon DSLR along with the six lenses that I'd accumulated over the preceding ten years, and spent the proceeds on a Fujifilm FinePix X100, a camera with a fixed 35mm (equivalent) lens.  Some time later I wrote a post about it on this blog.  Entitled "Shrinking the Camera Bag", it described the boost in output and creativity that I got from abandoning all that weight.

Two years on, I just wanted to say that there have been no regrets.  I absolutely love this camera.  The only thing that I would change it for is its recently released successor, the FinePix X100S.

Highlights are the physical look and feel, the silent mode, the soft (Astia) film emulation, the built in neutral density filter, and the beautiful sharp lens.

Below is a small slideshow of some of my favourite images that I have captured with my X100.  These and a lot more may also be found on Flickr.

Best.  Camera.  Ever.  In my opinion!