As some will know, I've been publishing various bits and pieces of my music on Soundcloud for some years now. These have varied in their quality, as well as the time and care that they took to make, and what inspired them.  They are fairly disparate in nature, but they do have two things in common - firstly, I haven't worried unduly about publishing any of them, and secondly they contain no singing.

For some reason, the idea of people hearing me singing makes me feel much more uncomfortable than the thought of them listening to my music.  This is odd, as I probably sing more than I do any other musical activity.  I sing quietly while on my own at home, and in empty roads while I'm out for a walk.  I even sing out loud to my family - I'm sure that the boys will eventually realise how embarrassing I am, but at the moment they don't seem to mind all that much.  Anyway, I love to sing.  As long as nobody hears.

That being said, the reason for this post is that I have published a song.  In which I sing.  Out loud.  Not just any song, either, but a song that I love so much that it almost felt like sacrilege to record it.  Yet I went off to Thinking Digital, came back feeling very much like making something, and here we are. 

I know some people who are great singers, just as I know some great musicians.  I don't consider myself to be among them.  However it turns out that, as with some other things, it's important to me that I do this - I hope that you enjoy it!