Tour de France 2014 - Slow Motion in Ilkley

Well, the excitement of seeing the Tour de France roll through Ilkley on Saturday is still with me.  It was an amazing spectacle, and it left me feeling very proud of my adopted county of Yorkshire.

I wanted to make some kind of record, but thought that I'd try and get a different perspective on things, so rather than taking photographs from head height I decided to try for a video from waist height, using the 120fps slo-mo mode of the iPhone 5s.  The entire peloton goes past in about 18 seconds, and capture at 120 frames per second means that the experience can be slowed down to around 20% of it's usual speed, so that you can see what happened in slightly less of a blur.

When I was tinkering with the video in Final Cut Pro, and realising that it was going to be a bit more produced than I thought, I decided to make some music for it.  I wanted something rhythmic that evoked bicycles.  A quick round trip to Logic and Breaktweaker, and all done.

Here's the video - hope you like it!