Another Talky Bass

So, my quest for a talking bass has been continuing on in the background.  I've now tried a couple more methods for achieving this.  This time, I tried it using the brilliant WOW2 filter from Sugar Bytes to achieve the effect.

Here's the resulting sound.

I have to say that, once I had steeled myself and paid out for WOW2, this was achieved rather simply.  I made a rather noisy nasty bass using saw waves in u-he's Diva, which is a really great virtual analogue synth that I use all the time with Logic.


Then I simply filtered it through WOW2, using WOW2's vowel mode.  This is hard to explain, so I made a video.  It's not my finest video production, but it does illustrate what's going on.

For extra points, you can examine the Dock on my Mac, and figure out how many overdue to-do items I was ignoring as I made this video.

Although I used a preset in WOW2 to do this, it's pretty easy to set things up to work in any way you like.  It is all very easy to automate, and you can certainly the results of all this automation going on while it's playing in the video.  I am confident that I can make my basses pretty talky using this method, although I think that ultimately, the final method that I tried has proved to be my favourite.

More on that in the next post.